Our Offerings

Our Offerings

Interfaith Inclusion @Work
Beyond Gender is Australia’s first and only national employer support program for Interfaith Inclusion in the workplace. Our Director is an Ordained Interfaith Minister with experience in change management, organisational development, employee resource group development, inclusion training and consulting. Our program provides organisations of all industries and sectors with hands on assistance in helping you to: build a successful business case, create an interfaith employee resource group; develop your network; providing you with strategic support, interactive training and resources, to help enable you to work towards best practice, and becoming a leader in this area of inclusion.

  • Interfaith @Work: Inclusion and Belonging
  • Why Interfaith Inclusion is important, now.
  • Atheism, Agnosticism, and the New Ally
  • Launching an Interfaith @Work Employee Resource Group
  • Radical Inclusion: The intersectionality of diverse faith, spirituality, sexuality and gender.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion @Work
Beyond Gender works closely with diversity professionals, HR teams, recruiters and managers in LGBTQ+ inclusion. We are specialists in gender transition support, with a reputation for delivering engaging and dynamic, thought provoking sessions and workshops.  We help organisations to grow and deliver best practice inclusion initiatives.

Beyond Gender LGBTQ+ Inclusion @Work training workshops are all available online and via interactive video conference and webinar.

  • Trans and Gender Diversity @Work: In transition: A comprehensive workplace gender transition support program, led by one of Australia’s trusted leaders in this field.
  • LGBTQ+ Leadership and Inclusion: foundation, intermediate and advanced training available
  • Diversity and Inclusion Manager coaching + comprehensive benchmarking and index submission assistance
  • Bespoke consulting and training: we scope and tailor sessions with our clients to ensure an invaluable service is received and learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Empowering Allies and LGBTQ+ networks

AccessAbility @Work
Introduced to our suite of offerings by popular demand, Beyond Gender provides tailored consulting services, thought provoking, engaging workshops and AccessAbility best practice advice for Leaders, HR teams, recruiters, diversity managers and all employees in all aspects of disability inclusion in the workplace.

  • Inclusive practices for people with disability
  • AccessAbility strategy development
  • Workplace Adjustment policy development
  • Recruitment and selection process reviews
  • Tailored and bespoke AccessAbility consulting

Belonging & Wellbeing @Work
The health and wellbeing of our clients and workplaces across Australia and the globe is Beyond Gender’s top priority. In direct response to COVID-19; Beyond Gender has launched a comprehensive, global, workplace wellbeing program to assist, guide, and coach your leaders, and support your staff during this global pandemic and new world of working.

  • Work From Home (WFH) Leadership Coaching: Building trust and cultivating psychological safety during COVID19
  • Resilience and Belonging: for leaders and employees
  • Pastoral Care @Work: supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of your employees
  • Resource Library and on-call support

Pastoral Care @Work
Pastoral care is a long-held model of emotional, social support. Pastoral care is both secular and spiritual, and supports all people. Interfaith pastoral care in the workplace is all inclusive and is designed for and available to employees of all sexualities, genders, relationship status, intersex status, cultures, abilities, age, faith, non-faith, and backgrounds.