Who We Are

Who We Are

Rev. Lin Surch

Reverend Lin Surch is the founder and CEO at Beyond Gender; Australia’s national workplace wellbeing and belonging program.

Lin has a demonstrated track record of leading workplace inclusion projects that require stakeholder engagement at the highest levels. As Australia’s first and only queer identifying ordained Interfaith Minister, with lived experience on the intersectionality of diverse sexuality, gender and faith. At Beyond Gender, Lin works with organisations across all industries and sectors in all aspects of Interfaith Inclusion, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, workplace wellbeing and belonging.

With extensive experience in LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, Lin is a leader in the field of gender transition at work. She has a wealth of knowledge in building employee networks, consulting and training and access and inclusion. With a focus on building resilience and psychological safety in the workplace.  A trusted consultant and trainer, she is known for her dynamic and engaging workshops. Across her career, Lin has shared best practice advice and supported hundreds of organisations across the globe, where she has facilitated thousands of workshops to tens of thousands of employees.

Her practice in multi-faith and inter-spiritual inclusion incorporate the disciplines of psychology, neuroscience, organisational development, education theory and cultural studies. She volunteers with Sydney Sacred Centre at Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney, ministering to diverse communities. Interviewed by Deloitte on her expertise in the area of workplace inclusion, Lin has contributed to a number of national conferences including:

  • AHRI Conference, 2014
  • AAGE Conference, 2014
  • Diversity Practitioner’s Australia (DPA), 2015
  • Queer Thinking, 2016
  • GLOBAL LGBTI Summit, 2017
  • Pride in Practice, 2013 – 2017
  • LGBTIQ Leadership, The Equality Project, 2019
  • Better Together, 2019
  • Beyond Gender, Future of Work Series (Audrey Page) 2019
  • Diversity Council Australia, 2017 and 2020

To contact Reverend Lin directly, please email us at info@beyondgender.com.au